Track you life,
one day at a time

  • 😴 Hours of sleep
  • 😖 Stress level
  • 💩 Poops
  • 🏋️‍♀️ Physical activity
  • 🍺 Alcool consumption
  • 💭 Dreams
  • ... anything you want! It's YOUR diary.

What's this?

LogMyLife is a diary focused on data.
You can track lot's of things: your weight, coffe consumtion, physical activity, stress level... and take note of what's was worthy during your day. I can't think of everything so you can add your own logs and customize everything!
I want this app to be lightning fast, it shouldn't take you more than 20 seconds to log your day.

It's a live demo, you can play with it right here!

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Can I use it on my smartphone?

LogMyLife is a web-application, which means it feels close to a native mobile application but it's on the web. You don't need to install anything, and you can use it on your mobile or desktop computer.

Wait, it's free?

Yeap. It's a pet project of mine, I don't have plan to ask for money as long as webhosting cost is negligeable. I'll consider donation at some point if it's necessary.

Ok but are my data secured?

That's the big question. I understand that some of you might use it to track very personnal information so security is critical.

And what about privacy?

LogMyLife don't share your data with anyone, and don't have plan to do. It's YOUR data, not mine.
This website is free of Facebook addons or other data-sucking gouls... I don't even use a statistic tool like Google Analytics.

What's next?

LogMyLife is evolving constantly, here what we have in our todo list:
  • Analytics
  • Export your data
  • Delete your account and data
  • Option to use your device to store your data
  • Comparing data, find correlation
  • Creating an account without an email
  • Open source the source code
Did you give it a try and feels like it's not suited for you? That's totally fine, let me help you find an alternative.
  • is really well made and focused on your data privacy. You can store your data locally on your iOS / Android device.